US Server issues?

Anyone else having issues connecting to the US pvp server? I was on not long ago and was suddenly disconnected… Now I cant log back on. The server doesnt look down… At the moment it was there are 96 people on. What do?


Clear cookies/cache and restart browser, try again. If not, wait.

i cant connect either and it says theres 96 on US for me as well

You’re not the only one man. Just wait, I’m sure it will be back up soon.

yeah it says 96 on but can’t connect

Yeah. Looks like its a waiting game. Cache trick… no beans.

It’s down for everyone.

They host there servers through Amazon Cloud Services and Amazon just had a reported interruption. Their server may be in that outage group.

Who told you that? They are at SoftLayer via

There servers are being hosted through an Amazon Cloud Rack system. Just send a packet to the server and see the response info. The foundation string is coming from Amazon.

Not too sure if you’re positive what you’re talking about, the server we all connect to when playing on the US server for RUST is not hosted by Amazon, it’s with SoftLayer.
You must be talking about the actual website, - if so then yes, that is with Amazon, however the main playing server is not.