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Looking for a new fun server to play on. A server where you wont get killed everytime you go out to loot. Looking for a server with friendly players and alot of resources. An Admin Active Server with no admin abuse. Come check out our server. We are currently running a server with a few addons and working on getting kits installed. If their is an addon that you want to see on the server, just post it here or let us know in game. I am usually on in the evenings and the other admins work alot from console and in game.

We are currently working on building the server pop before upgrading to a larger server. So anything we can do to help just let us know. We currently have an unraidable admin house near split rad that we challenge our players to raid. Anyone found successful in raiding it gets all of the goodies inside. We are a clan friendly server and encourage clans, youtubers and twitch users to check us out.

You can join us by using F1 and typing net.connect

Thanks for reading!

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Specifics on server will be posted this evening when I am off of work!



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Our current list of addons is:

  1. Door Share

  2. Arrow Recovery

  3. Fix your name

  4. /list

  5. /History

  6. Player Location for coordinates to be used with rustmap.net

  7. Private Messaging

  8. Player Economy

  9. Death Handler

  10. Custom Airdrop Config

  11. No Item, Armor or Building Decay

  12. Kits

Also we are currently configuring our kit files and if you would like to see any additional addons just ask.

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/tp for player teleport just added to the server