US Server - PVP/PVE|NoSleep|Airdrop/30m

The server is very new (established on March 28th 2014) and so currently only has a handful of regular players. There is plenty of space, resources, and airdrops. This

is a PVP server, but we frown on people who are malicious or cruel. Meaning that we don’t mind people killing each other, but please do not repeatedly kill people

(especially new players).

Below is a list of Mods and Plugins being used on this server.

Server Features:
-2x resource gathering during night time in game (NEW)
-Reduced wear on weapons.
-No PVP building damage
-No Sleepers
-Airdrops every 30 minutes
*Many other features below

** Magma/Rust++** -

  • /Players – Shows names of all players logged into server.
  • /Location – Provides you with X,Y,Z coordinates of where you stand.
  • /PM – Allows you to send private messages to other players
  • /Starter – Gives you a stone hatchet, sleeping bag, and bandages (if we give out too much it takes away from the game).
  • /Share or /Unshare – Door sharing feature
  • Friends feature (friend damage is on though for now).

Destroy Mode -
Use: Type /destroy in chat to toggle on and off.
Brief Description: Allows you to destroy items and home pieces that you placed. Most items destroyed will be refunded to your backpack if there is room. Some items are buggy and are not refunded (Known items: Metal Doorway, Large Wood Storage). This is great for remodeling your own home.

Structure Owner -;down=58
Use: Type /owner in chat to toggle on and off.
Brief Description: Identify the player who placed an item (home, fireplace, et). While enabled, you won’t do any damage to the structure or deployable.

Non-Raid Scheduler -…-scheduler.21/
Currently this is on all the time keeping others from damaging your building. Be aware that you can damage your own building. Watch out where you set that Explosive Charge. ?

Now -
Use: Type /now to temporarily display information.
Brief Description: Display game time, how long you have been playing this session, your ping, and how many players are logged in to the server.

Warp -
Use: Type /Warp to see location options. Type /Warp location to teleport to location. (Location must be typed exact).
Brief Description: Allows players to warp/teleport to locations created by Admins.

I’m always keeping an eye out for new plugins that will enhance the game play without totally turning everything upside down.

The first PvP arena is built. Once we have a few more players we’ll get some events going.

Warp is all set up too. When you load in type “/warp Arena” to get to the arena. Also for any PvE players you can type “/warp PvE” and get to a safe area instantly.
Note that you have type the location name exactly.

Loaded a new plugin allowing me to get calculations of what components went into your structure. This is in preparation for Rusts next update. I suspect we may be wiping server to get all the new cool update features. :slight_smile:

If you would like to make sure your building is on the list, please post your coordinates in a post below. You can use /location in game to get your coordinates.



Server now has double resource gathering every night during game time.

Uber Hunting Bow included in starter kit.
Starting this weekend and running until we update with Rusts new release.

Rusts blog/update page: