[US] Server with Airdrops, Improved Durability & Crafting time, Ability to remove a misplaced object such as walls, active admins

Connect by pressing “F1” and pasting: net.connect

Name of the server is [US]Oxide/PVP/Sleepers/Airdrops@10people/ImprovedDura&CraftTime/RemoveTool/FpsBoost

The server has been recently wiped. **Backup **of all the data is performed on a daily basis to ensure that players won’t loose everything in case of server crash.

No abuse from the admins. We take it very seriously and admins who abuse of their power will be banned. No exceptions.

Player base of 20-25 players.

The server is noob friendly, which means that you won’t get killed every time you spot someone on the map.

Durability has been improved by 80% since a lot of players are complaining about very short durability.

Crafting time has been improved by 50%.

**Airdrops **every hour when at least 10 players are connected.

Oxide 1.16 / Cheat Punch / VAC / Starter Kits / Remove Tool / Door Sharing / FPS Boost

You can remove a misplaced item such as a wood wall or a metal wall by hitting it with a pick axe.

Please feel free to try out the server and to make any suggestion to its configuration :slight_smile: