[US] Server with EU players Spaghetti and Meatballs PVP server

After Putting out some forum posts and working with the other admins, The server has picked up a lot, Normally around 15+ players on at all times, with it hitting 40+ at US peak hours, There’s plenty of action going on people making new friends and enemies. We banned a hacker from the server and the admins are active and always willing to help (your stuck in a hole and need to be Teleported out, you’ve placed a pillar wrong on your base and need it removing) with ZERO admin abuse.

The server was wiped clean on the 17th of Feb, but don’t let that deter you away from joining, People are always willing to help new faces on the server and not many will kill fresh/new people for fun. (yeah you still get the odd few people but not everyone can be nice :P)

Noob Friendly
No Admin Abuse
No Lag
Cheating / Hacking not tolerated
Door Sharing
Only mandatory wipes
100 player cap
PVP enabled
Airdrops at 15
Looking for groups and clans to join

Join net.connect

nice to see a few views

[editline]23rd February 2014[/editline]

added an arena for events to win prizes, lets the naked hatchet fights begin!