us servers down?

i was wondering y the us servers are down,
and i have a question to, y is there no non pvp for EU ??

Ty kindly regards Storm

this was posted last night but has been taken down even though neither of the US servers are up…

they are still down?

I dont see them on the server list just checked at 2:25PM EST

Still down. They say patience is a virtue, and I must be one very virtuous guy :slight_smile:

Alright thx, I’m also wondering if both servers(US-EU) are played equally or if one of them is stacked and even players from the other region goes into that possibly stacked server?

ussually the us servers have more people on them

So pat has to ask garry to sort out server…I can see many issues in that

I hope they reset the building decay timer, if it stays offline for more than 24 hours everything will be gone. :frowning:

Wood piles take too long to spawn/respawn. Getting killed by french noobs.

While there is currently always the potential for a wipe, Decay is only calculated while the servers are online and running. That is to say If we took the server offline for a week and put it back on all the buildings would start decaying where they left off.

pat said that he was restoring an previous save so i imagine that it is already wiped in an attempt to solve this correct?

I just want no pvp to come back up, im not skilled enough in regular lol just got game yesterdy

:open_mouth: whaaaaat. Is it real? join us next time when we uncover the mystery behind the DDos attack on rust harbor
weekdays at 7-9 on HTBC.

but seriously… dont be stoopid

You forgot to turn edit mode back off; it’s trying to correct words in the post.

UP and patch news!!!

They gotta track DDos’ers and report them to the FBI, Police. Its a federal offense.