[US] SimplyDaBest [No Fall Damage - PVP & Group Friendly] FRESH wiped 1/27!

My friends and I got sick of one bad experience after another on other servers, so we decided to start our own.

Some problems we had in just 4 weeks of play:

  • Admins spawning themselves c4, randomly teleporting players, and kick/banning people who raided them
  • Unscheduled Wipes, a map wipe without player wipe (seriously, wtf?)
  • Admins trying to compensate for mistakes by giving all online players planks and metal
  • Servers with intense player rubber-banding, mobs that seemed to teleport
  • Griefers (removing stairs and placing ceilings)

Some awesome things I experienced:

  • Our group of 3 being raided by 6-7 guys in kevlar and fighting them off including keeping a few backpacks
  • Building an 11 story staircase to raid an 11 story building, and discovering it didn’t have a roof :-p
  • Coming back online to an empty house full of beans in every loot container

So we get more from list B and less from list A, here’s the server config/rules/mods:

  • No unscheduled wipes - We plan to announce wipes weeks in advance, barring unforeseen circumstances like major game updates releasing.
  • PvP-Centric - There’s no real rules regarding how PvP situations are handled. If you’re naked, don’t approach people with weapons.
  • Ownership Removal - Hit your building components with a pick axe to remove them. Also helps with many types of griefers
  • No Admin Abuse - period.
  • No Fall Damage - Fall damage slows down the game, and we all think the game is better without it (as it currently works). If you agree, come here first!
  • /location - Because trying to find your friends when you’re new isn’t that much fun.
  • Players start with a stone hatchet, because hitting stuff with a rock isn’t fun.
  • 25% craft - Waiting 20 minutes for base materials is lame.
  • We support group and solo play - admins won’t punish you for being successful.
  • Server located in Dallas in a top end datacenter - good pings to US/CAN/MEX.

Here’s the toprustservers listing: http://www.toprustservers.com/server/9782

…and connect info: net.connect

Thanks for reading!