[US] SimplyDaBest [No Fall Damage - PVP & Group Friendly] **NEW SERVER** COME PLAY

Site: http://simplydabest.net/ – under construction
Forums: http://simplydabest.net/forums/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/DaBestRust/ – Tweets when a base gets attacked, and working on more stuff for Twitter

Congratulations; you’ve finally ended your search for a PvP server that doesn’t suck, and won’t die in a few weeks. Rejoice in your discovery of a server where the admins care about the progress you’ve made, and won’t wipe your weekends worth of farming because they are bored. Welcome to Da Best server.

We made this server with YOU in mind, and have also created a helpful tutorial to ensure you can join:

Step 1: Launch Rust

Step 2: Push F1 and copy paste this command: net.connect

Step 3: Profit, and find yourself not worrying about finding a new server.

We are a PvP server where just about anything supported by the game goes (cheaters will be chastised with fire). Our server has one of the best connections of any server to anywhere in the world - from anywhere in the world. Future testing of this server will take place from the International Space Station to guarantee that the server is and remains Da Best.

-=Da Features=-
● We have fall damage turned off, because it sucks, and currently isn’t implemented well in Rust.
● We also start players with a stone hatchet, because let’s be honest, someone with a big rock has no chance against someone with a gun.
● Hate finding your friends after a fresh spawn? We do too! For this reason, we have /location turned on. Who thought it was a good idea to implement M4’s, but no compasses?
● Sleepers mode is enabled on because we want everyone to be afraid of death, even when offline. HIDE WISELY BRO!
● Crafting turned to 25% speed, because waiting 20 minutes for your ceilings to craft sucks.
● Chat history in console, so history doesn’t have to repeat itself
● Player list, so you know who to kill.
● Private Messages to stay in touch with people, or simply threaten them with death and dismemberment.
● We support shooting noobs and nakeds as a super villain, or defending those poor souls like a super hero. This is a sandbox friends, you should have the freedom to choose your own path.

Why are you still reading this crap? We’re not trying to write a novel here. Our goal is to create an environment that doesn’t suck, because we don’t like that, and neither should you. Join the damn server.

And here’s some more information about the server, and our plans with it:

DaBest started with a group of friends looking for an honest, balanced, low wipe frequency, and high uptime server. Sadly we came across loads of rude, power-tripping admins, frequent server downtimes, dishonest moderation–basically everything that makes a server unacceptable. We finally decided to get our own server up, and our goal is to develop it into an environment that promotes a variety of clans warring with each other. At the same time, we also want to provide an environment for new players to get involved, so we’ll be doing a number of things to develop both the hardcore community and get new players introduced to it.

We’re providing a no-nonsense experience with minor changes to gameplay that we feel make it more fast-paced and less tedious. A relaxed yet hardcore PVP environment is the name of the game. Here are some things that are already in place combined with future plans:

:: No Handouts: while our admins will be responsive to requests concerning lost items, and we’ll have a form on the website to make similar requests, we aren’t interested in jump-starting gameplay progress or giving any players an unfair advantage over others.

:: Scheduled Wipes: our plan is to have server wipes roughly once each month. In the event that a major Rust or Oxide patch is released, we plan on holding a vote on the website that would require a large majority (70-80%) to wipe the server. We absolutely hate the idea of cutting your progress short; it’s happened to us far too many times and it’s incredibly aggravating.

:: Central server location: we placed that sucker smack-dab in Dallas. We believe it’s the most central location that’d provide the best connection for our players.

:: Fair, honest admins: we all want a server community that has respect on a basic level. Trash talking is a part of any game, and we understand that. When possible, any cheating or hacking accusations will be handled by more than one person. Having multiple opinions on a case is, from experience, the best way to form an accurate decision.

:: Planned clean, updated website: we want the community to be as involved as possible. Most of us have been playing on private servers for as long as we can remember, and we can’t stress enough the importance of communication outside of the in-game and steam chat. We’ll be using the website for a variety of purposes-- here’s a mockup of the current design: http://postimg.org/image/hy0mto7h1/full/ .

:: Planned weekly/biweekly ticket raffle based on hours played. Prizes will be steam games and giftcards.

Anyways, we hope you give our server a shot. We’re in this for the long run–we got tired of server hopping and figure we’d save more time if we put up a stable server and did it the right way… Da Best way.

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