US Soldier Screenshot - Edited

Hey, this is my first screenshot that has been edited, I would like some C&C, and the only thing I noticed that was off about it, was that the arm was in the body a little, so scratch that in your C&C. Thanks

Sorry for the stretch.

Needs much more work.


Filters aren’t your friend.

I said C&C…

Don’t use filters.

This is great. 10/10.

This is my new desktop background.

No idea where he is, looks very generic and it is also very low resolution with alot of jaggies.

What the…

so much filters

Say what?

You stretched the picture? Do you play Gmod on your phone or something?

wow, what game is this… is it on the n64?

What’s wrong with his arm?

Just how I remember this section, you guys still don’t understand C&C?

His arm looks broken
I think…