US Soldier taking cover. [EDIT TEST]

Hi :smiley:

This is my newest edit test ! Enjoy !

C&C please. :slight_smile:

Nice shadows.

The hole on the left looks SO bad…

It’s my first attempt to make a bullet hole in the floor ^^’

That’s a shame, because everything else is just fine.

If someone wants to try to edit my pic, he can :slight_smile:

I would If I had the original

Just work on the bullethole/impact.

Everything else looks good.

Oh, here’s the original :slight_smile:

Up your graphics

Making bullet holes is pretty easy you just got to remember that when bullets hit some clothe like sandbags it generally creates a small burn mark and gun powder resung

Your shadow work is great. On the other hand the hole and bullets look like they came out of paint. Keep trying.

I like how you put your username on his bag

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

The hole and the tracer are terrible, as is the watermark. The dust is quite good though.