US Soldiers advance through the German forests - TF2.

Took me about a hour to pose, post and give me some feedback please.

I like the look of it. Not really an expert poser, but it looks fine to me.

I like it. But why are they Red? I like the varied faces though.

I liked the whole TF2 theme of it all I guess, I can’t skin myself and I have yet to see any nice WW2 skins. The head swapping was semi difficult too, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Kinda cool. Posing is good, I’m failing to see the so-called “forest” though.

There is an object next to them in the forest. I’m guessing there is a clearing around said object.

A tad too bland for my taste, but it’s good.

Is that Thompson released?

Yeah, good bless the community:

Thanks for the feedback.