US soldiers are searching for enemy general in Middle East.


WTF is that gun? but nice pic anyways

m14 ebr

WTF at the gun

Posing is exellent as always.

Oily hair is oily

But nice work on the picture

is the soldier on the far right riding the gun like a horse :S . And is the soldier whos holding his gun in the background going to kick that door in? Mabey have the door just a bit open as if hes kicking it down you know, more action.

Another story about another dead american

why would use all of those extentions on one gun.

but nice pic

Ugh, I hate the MK14EBR. It’s so ugly.

Shoulda used a normal M14, without trying to tacticool it by whatever you did, because that’s not an MK14EBR model, you did some editing. I can tell that’s not a Sage stock.
I mean you still have wooden furniture on it!

Ugh, it’s just an ugly bubba’d M14. You did a pretty good job editing it into that, but I think the gun is ugly in real life. Especially coming from the lovely M14.

Lol I assumed when you told me you had an M14-EBR model that… well… you actually had an M14-EBR model.

This is an EBR:

Your model is an M14-DMR with random parts of other M4 models hacked onto it.