US Soldier's from Homefront

Just asking if anyone has a working link to the US Soldier’s from Homefront,
I was watching a walk-through on Homefront and thought the US Soldiers looked cool.
I was looking for them on Youtube and found this ( ), but the website the links bring me to are in Russian and i just can not download them after i enter the code.
I left a comment of the Youtube link since the video was made about a week ago.

^ I looked there also but the thread was made 2 years ago and the links don’t work.

Scroll down until you see a picture of the KPA police. DON’T download that link. Scroll down further until you see another link named “Homefront models”. It has US soldiers, KPA police and NK soldiers.

Umm, whats wrong with the KPA Police link? I didn’t click it.

Nothing is wrong with it. I’m just saying the link to what you want is below that one.

Ah, well thank you anyways!