US soldiers under fire

Fucked up his hand. :hurr:
Edit by Masterfgh <3

Nice. Kinda small, but nice.

Ooh, nice!

wtf are you doin in here go work on the waw models

While editing and body posing is nice, they all look bored out of their minds.
If getting shot in the head is boring then that’s another reason not to die.

He is not your slave.

Good posing! Was that guy helmet that shiny and realistic in-game or was it edited?

Not face posable models, he can’t help that. It’s like saying the DoD:S models all look like a stupified look.

Also these are WaW models. :v:

He’s obviously joking. Lighten up.

Aww, its not possible to facepose them? Well that surely just makes everything limited.



Tell me.