US soldiers walking through a destroyed city

Well what can is say, again you can edit if you want to

[And this time i pressed render hehehehe]

Nice picture! Was the solders reflection in the water in game, or did you make it with Photoshop/Gimp?

In game im not good ad photoshop gimp and that kind of stuff

I could try to edit it for you, but I’m not sure what I’d do. It looks pretty good the way it is.

Not bad. Camera angle is pretty dull though.

You dont NEED to edit it, you can edit it, maybe you could let the first soldier fire its gun or something?And yeah it looks pretty good the way it is.


Thanks chesty

Sir, I would like to know what map that is. :slight_smile: Please and thank you.

Oh and, good posing :slight_smile: I just would have tried a different angle. That’s just me though.

why is the mans reflection bigger than himself

Because when you look at your reflection you see yourself as bigger than what you are.

Anyways, it’s a good pose, you could add a little more too it. Maybe more scenery, some rubble, just something to make it not look so empty.


That gun in the back is fucking massive.

You mean the Javelin…?

Next pose, ill ad some more stuff in the background.

No, the M4

OMG IT’S AN M16A4 NOOB!!"!!!"!""!11!!!"!!!

Far too much caps.

M-16 20" barrel. They are indeed very large. Scale is a bit off on the weapon and some of its parts, but I love the layout of this screenshot. Posing is very good on the soldier in the foreground.