US soldiers watching napalm (yes, vietnam)

so i pretty much suck at both posing and editing but this time i felt i actually gave it half a try. i also provided a fitting soundtrack for the pic.

and here’s the original if anyone wants to give it a proper edit.

Nice, but you could have zoomed in a little more.

can’t i at least get more than 1 reply?


also someone told me to zoom in on my last picture as well. i guess i’ll have to think about that if i make another pose.

Pretty lazy posing for three ragdolls.
And you didn’t isolate the trees well enough, especially the left side.

It’s not a very exciting picture, and a bit of an orange overload.

I’ve never been a fan of picking a song to go with a picture/movie/comic based solely on the title of the song, but that’s more of a personal irk

It’s definitely not the worst I’ve seen, but as said before, there is a bit too much orange. If you are giving it that color due to the explosion, I would only edit the lighting near the rocks and trees at the top of the hill. Also the explosion itself doesn’t seem to have much depth. Trying to think of a way to fix that, but not really sure at the moment. Also, I’ve been wondering where everyone is getting those models, as I’d like to do a few Vietnam poses myself. Could you share a link perhaps?

i had some over dramatic “sky of fire” thing in mind with the orange, but now that i look at real pictures of explosions i noticed that when it’s dark and there’s an explosion you don’t really get that at all. pretty messed up on my part

and about the models, i’d be happy to give you some links :smile:

hueys and the patrol boat

the marines and some weapons and stuff

vietcong dudes

Hahaha, the dude holding his gun up reminded me of Haggard:

“I should’ve joined the Air Force!”

That’s alright. Practice makes perfect. Also, thanks for the links. Much appreciated.