US Soliders make Iraq national guards MOUT train.


Hey…HEY! why do i see new skins >_>

Also Nice work

New skins? OMG

Posing is nice. Bloom is far to heavy though.

I hate the bloom too. But it doesn’t dissapear… How to fix it?!

open your spawm menu, go to post processing and then uncheck the bloom box


go to optoins, video, click advanced and uncheck the bloom box.

I already uncheck the bloom;


Did u go to the HDR box and change the bloom when availble to when HDR is availible?

When you uncheck it there’s still bloom to get rid of it completly, go to the second top slide bar in the bloom and throw it all the way to the right. i forgot the name. but that should do it

bit heavy on the bloom but it fits in my oppinion, nice pose :smiley:

Lol @ the bloom. Far too much.

Great posing as usual… but those guys look nothing like Iraqi soldiers or police or guard or whatever.

Okay well actually I just found this picture:

Still this is the only picture I have found of an Iraqi in gear anything like what’s in your picture and even still the camouflage pattern is different.

they look more like afghani army troops, Iraqi national guard uses the old six color desert camo pattern.

Nice posing.

why does the national guard have woodland camo, they are in iraq! i realy like the posing but i would reskin the national guard model.

Brilliant reskin (I’m assuming it’s yours).

Badass pic man. Really like it.

The same reason Marines were issued Woodland CPC in both Gulf Wars. It blended. <-- Sarcasm

sweet skins. were did you get them???

Well even though Sagmo bumped the thread I gotta say its a nice pose. Good work man.

Sweet pose and skins man, great job.