[US-South] RUST++1.5 [TX-Official Server]WIPE-1/25[PvP/SLEEP]


Hit F1 to open console then paste


** TeamSpeak 3 :** or ts3server://

Server name: Rusty Trombone PvP [US-CENTRAL] Wiped 1/30 Active Non-Abusive
Location: Dallas
Slots: 100
PvP: Enabled
Sleeper: Enabled

Air drops: 15 Players minimum - 45 Minute Air Drops!!

Crafting: 1/2 Faster (Meaning it’s 1/2 instead of 4/4)
Durability: Not currently in rust but if it comes out this server will disable it.

Active Admins: Ban players by their steamID, have any proof of someone cheating/duping then report it to the admin and they will be banned. Be sure to include their steam community link or steamID – There is no admin abusing, the main admin is the only one with teleport capability/item spawning, the rest only have ability to issue out bans/kicks and make announcements


Server wipes: The server does not plan any wipes, however if future game updates require the map to be wiped then so be it. Hopefully you’ll stay for the community and rebuild if it does happen.

Mods: Rust++ 1.5.1

/help in-game for a list of commands

Steam Community Group

Check us out and vote for us on top rust servers:

Hope you enjoy your stay! Ask ADMIN for help. They will Be more than HAPPY to help you!

Bump… Good time to join us. Early A.M. on this server. people are headed to work! Come on in great time to start up :dance:

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We have almost daily Loot Cache Missions. TBA. But if i get enough in the server i will set a loot mission up now. See you in the server!! :rock:

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Fully updated and ready for action R++1.5.1

Tear it up n Blow some Zombies Heads off!!:suicide:


Great time to jump on and start up !! Hope to see ya there!