US South wipe 7/20 active admins/airdrops/no dura/Convoy Events

Join us today! server is starting out fresh and is looking for a loyal populous. we have consistent airdrops and active admins who are always there when you need them.

We also do multiple daily events when you can attempt an attack on a admin convoy (yes they will play fairly) of a certain caliber. the higher the caliber the convoy the bigger the pay off.

Nude Convoy I: 1 man convoy no armor. may carry a bow and a limited amount of arrows. includes a pay off of wood building materials, mining tools, ore, and wood.

Nude Convoy II: 2 Man nude convoy, no armor, Carry’s bows and many arrows small med kits for defense. Includes pay off of wood building materials, ore, wood, metal fragments, cloth, leather.

And that’s just two convoy types! the convoy will diverge its location every 2 minutes to allow for a hint to all players. this event happens multiple times a day!

So join up today! we wipe once a month to keep the server clean, and we will make it fun for all!


Come on in guys! Lets get this server populated!