[US] Spec. Ops Gaming | 24/7 Day | PvP | Door Share | No Sleepers | 1/2 Craft | Fresh Server 1/22

Hello all! :slight_smile: I created my own server and it’d be cool if some of you would come and check it out!

Here’s a list of mods that we are currently using on the server:

-24/7 Daytime
-No Sleepers
-1/2 Crafting Time
-Admin Help
-Door Share
-Private Messaging
-Death Messages

I’ll update the this list if we add anymore. I’m considering adding Economy in the near future, but only if we get a good number of people active. :slight_smile:

Here’s the server details:

Server Name
[US]Spec. Ops Gaming|Day|PvP|Door Share|No Sleep|1/2 Craft
Direct Connection

1/23 - Server Name was too long for all of the information to appear on the server list. Shortened server name.

Shameless bump v.v