[US] Stygian Enterprises - Sleepers / Airdrops / PvP / Friendly / Active Admins / No Abuse (Wiped 05/14)


You want to have a really fun time on a truly amazing server? Well you’ve found the server your looking for, I promise.

This is a hacker free server, freshly wiped and ready for players. All the server details are below for you.

Truth Enforce: Enabled
Airdrops: Enabled (Minimum 5 Players)
Sleepers: Enabled
Instant Crafting: Disabled
Fall Damage: Enabled
PvP: Enabled
Log Cheaters: Enabled
Durability: Disabled

I know a new server is kind of boring at first but please give it a chance. The one thing I’m doing my best at right now is finding players.

If you enjoyed the server, please let me know.


RARE AIRDROP: All 16 Blueprints