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Website : http://www.swgaming.com
Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/swgrust
Last Wipe : 1-18-14
Servers :

100 Slot Server
Full server name: SWG Oxide: Door share/Economy/Redone loot
Server IP:
Server location: NY, Ny
PvP: On
Sleepers: On

To join the server directly, you will want to launch the game and press F1 to open the console, then type the following:


Server Info :

50% Craft - craft faster!
Friendly Admin
Oxide Mod
Share Doors
Custom Loot Table
Factions to PvP against
10 players for airdrop, come get your loot!
Admin run events like Kill the admin for loot!


This is a PUBLIC server all are welcome! You do not need to be in SWG to play on it!

TeamSpeak 3 :
Connect: swg.enjinvoice.com

About Silent Warriors Gaming…
Silent Warriors have been around since 2001 and have ran servers all the way back to the MOH:AA days. We do not tolerate cheating/exploiting of any kind.

Our Partners…
Wounded Warrior Project - Wounded Warrior Project helps the thousands of wounded warriors returning home from the current conflicts and to provide assistance to their families.

Silent Warriors Scholarship Fund - The Silent Warrior Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to any college-bound person based on direct familial relationship to a Reconnaissance Marine, academic achievement, and financial need.

Silent Warriors are currently looking for staff for this division. If you are over the age of 18 and have experience running servers then mention it on your Rust Division app.

I would not recommend playing on this server.

First off the lack of admins should right off the bat just turn you away. If there is only 1 admin you damn well know for sure that person will not be on all day so when he gets off you are royally F’d when the people that grief bases and hackers come on. So not worth the time and effort if you are not going to be properly protected

Things that just doesn’t make sense on this server :

15 minutes after the server resets it comes up there is already a bunch of buildings that are 2 stories already with protection, weird when there was 5-6 people online at the time.

Admins hardly say anything to players, Admins TP into bases 1x1x1 for some reason like that is going to serve a purpose or catch a cheater right? Then relay it to others, and when you catch an admin they are complete cowards and will not acknowledge you.

First we have multiple admins and we have moderators. We also have a help ticket system if you need it built into the game.

Second off the server has been up since around 6am PST not 15 mins before you came online. You came online around 5pm PST 11 hrs after the server reset. So yes there are some players that are starting 2nd stories at that time. We also have a built in econ and you can buy supplies.

Third what do you want us to say to you? We are there to monitor the server and play a little not be your IM buddy. Yes we follow players around sometimes to check on new ones we don’t know. That’s called actively admining our server.

We never tell anyone where we are during that time or talk to the people we follow or anyone else on the server at that time. We are doing our jobs. If you don’t like it go find a server where there is ZERO admin and hackers/exploiters run rampant.

I also bet you have ZERO clue who the admins are on the server as we do not have ADMIN or anything in our names for a reason. They are there…

Really great server i enjoy it :dance:

Active admins and pvp! Come join in the fun that is Rust!

Server has been updated with the 1-24-14 update!


hi all was up?

Just started playing on this sever and having a very good time.