(US) T.H.C. 5/25 - PVP - No Decay - Sleepers - Remove Tool - Air-Drops

All are welcome. Hackers banned.

Started on 5/25/14

  • PVP
  • No Decay
  • 1/4 Durability
  • Sleepers
  • Remove
  • AirDrops @10
  • No Wipes
  • Active Admins
  • No Abuse
  • Anti-Cheat / Perma-Banning for Cheaters
  • 420 Friendly

Come stake your claim while it’s still fresh. Just started today (05/25/2014).
We already have a few active players and I am sure the numbers will quickly grow.
Come and claim your favorite spot to build and enjoy playing with mature and active players in an Admin-Abuse free server.

**Simply press the F1 key while at the server list and copy and paste the following to connect:



We now have 1/4 Durability and Uncensored Player Models (uncensored dong dangling rather than green pants)

This can be turned off in the F1 console, just as it can be turned on in most other servers. We simply have it on as default. Type: censor.nudity “true” into the f1 console to turn it back to censored, or just giggle at the absurdity like you used to.

Bump. Perfect Settings.

Thanks. Enjoy.


im here too =) everything seems fine so far =) c u ingame

Thanks. See you in game for sure.

And an FYI to all. There is active admin, powers are used only against hacking and glitching. No spawning of items and no TPing unless to check on a suspected hacker.

**This is a PVP server, so all are open to be attacked, including the admin. If you find a base and are a bandit, it is fair game.

No griefing/putting metal doors on people’s bases though.**

^ bump