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Hello and welcome to TheCrew’s rust servers and administration. We dedicate our time to offer you the most clean enjoyable experience while playing on our servers. With our specialized team of administrative staff we can provide 24/7 service and care. We do encourage fair-play, and in that involves keeping the game simple and classic. We understand there’s indefinitely 4000+ servers open for play. But here at thecrew you’re treated with fairness and as an equal. We do our utmost job to be on top of issues and we can overcome any task with efficiency and force. We’re a mature group of players and understand what it is like to be tortured by administrators on countless servers, we’re here to offer the sanctum to that, this is … The Crew.

How to join?
It’s easy. You could dive into a pool of 4000+ servers and find us for sure. Or open your in-game console by pressing “F1” and type the following “net.connect”. We also have a teamspeak3 server that is available 24/7 if you’re eager to chat and is the easiest way to contact an admin directly we encourage you to join here at “colvoice.hfbservers.com:9989”.

Admin-abuse Policy
Here at thecrew we have a ZERO tolerance policy regarding any misuse or abuse of administrative privileges and will be dealt with immediately. Our staff will never interfere with the normal game-play of players. We like to run in the background and play occasionally and when we do it’s fair and concise. We start from the bottom like everyone else.

Admin List
Owners: Seph, P00D4WG, Drix
Admins: Bik, Grumbil, GiveEmHell, PhallyTheFairy
Moderators: DeepWoods, Rain, (Looking for moderator.)

As said, we’re looking to grow and expand a mature classic community of players that come to get away from administrator abuse. We’re here to be different and provide a fun enjoyable experience for all. If you’re looking for a clean and fun time playing rust, we’d be happy to have you.


Here you’ll be up-to-date with the latest server wipes/information. The site is updated daily and will be used for any important information regarding thecrew. We also provide maps and other rust information on the website.

Awesome Server, Great admins…

I joined the server a couple days ago, the admins are great and there’s a nice community over there :stuck_out_tongue:

Great server, No lag and friendly staff! 10/10

Hey guys we’re starting to slowly grow. Still looking for players and to build a great community. Come one come all!



Our playerbase grows by the day! Bunch of great guys, thanks for choosing us for your new home!

So far so good! :rock: Lovin what you’ve done to the place. lol.

Hey guys the players are zooming in one after the other. Great progress so far, we enjoy everyone’s company and appreciate everything coming to stay here at The Crew keep it up!


Man I love this server, so mush fun and so many good guys

Wow, hit 28 - 30 players this evening, we’ve accomplished so much in such a short amount of time, let’s keep the ball rolling, great to see everyone in-game.

Having a lot of fun in this server. Admins are fair and do not cheat like several of the other servers I have been on in the past. The Admins are very helpful and friendly, and have ZERO tolerance for hackers…LOVE THAT!! All-in-all…a really fun server, and the numbers are low, for now…lol


This is the best server that I have played on! The admins are very fair and can be trusted not to abuse their powers(one of the reasons why this server got started). Admins are on usually 24/7. The server numbers are low but keep growing each day, plenty of places to build and resources are abundant. Its been a lot of fun and continues to keep getting better as the server grows.


Bumpity bump bump

35 players last night! Great progress. We’re still up and getting more popular by the day. It’d be great to see you on.