[US] the looni bin [ Noob Friendly | PVP | No Sleep | Events | Contests | No Abuse ]- New

Hi all!

Have you ever felt crazy, misunderstood or insane? Want to make friends, participate in events, or just sometimes vent your anger and frustration? Then be committed to the looni bin - V 2.0! We are a new server looking to build an active community with some wonderful people! We are very noob friendly and PvE oriented as well. We encourage nonsense and caveman themed sacrificial rituals.


Press F1 and enter:

To join!

Server Location: Los Angeles, California, US
Slots: 100


Admin Abuse - NONE
PvP - ON
Sleeper - OFF
Craft Time - 1/4 Speed
DoorShare - ON

Player Average ~10-15 recurring and active players


* Community Built PVP Arena w/ Rounds prizes and showcases [Coming Soon]
* Weird Trivia with rewards!
    * Airdrop scrambles
    * Random free for all encounters


* Trading Post [Coming Soon]
* Bounty Board + System (DONE!)
* Towns [Coming Soon]
* Grouping and Partying
    * Rad Runs

We are planning on holding contests for various different things -

* Tallest Structure (Stories high)
* Biggest Mansion (Foundation Blocks used)
    * Most Clever Base (Things done to prevent raiding and base discovery) ******Award Won by Dark Jon [CP] & Vegasbloom******

This is just two of many things, we will have community voting on what contests to hold!


* Any use of Cheats, Hacks, Scripts, Bots or any other 3rd party program is strictly FORBIDDEN.
* English Only
* Respect others you play with as well as the Admins
* No disrespectful behavior (don't be a jerk)
* Absolutely NO - Racism, Sexism, Bigotry, Discriminatory and or anything that would be considered offensive to other players, this is a SAFE community and we want to keep it that way. Thank you~
* Any users caught breaking the rules will be kicked or banned depending on the severity of the crime, it is your job as a player to report these!
* Be friendly and have fun!


* 3 Lifetime TP Requests to meet friends (use /tpa playername & /tpacaccept)
    * Teleport Home
    * Quests (that reward money)
    * Economy System (killing certain things gives money, money can be used to teleport home / buying items and resources [Still being implemented / decided on])
    * Portals between different places of the Island

To learn how to use all these features, just press /help or ask any of the admins (Snow-Okami, looni dooni)

We had some DDOS issues yesterday with our GSP but the server is back up and running strong! Thank you to those who did come and join us, it is a great server to start your new Rust adventure.

Come join us! We are friendly and encourage nonsense. Be crazy, have fun! :slight_smile:

We are now starting random airdrops and trivia to win in game items - Come join us!

Time for some fun this weekend, we will be available for suggestions and improvements to have the best server for our community. We are online now - we will give 1 free TP (per person, but only one) to anyone to joins, come play with your friends and don’t worry about being hassled to find each other.

We will also be answering any questions anyone new to the game might have as well as helping those users out.

Gaining more players, need more! :slight_smile:

Airdrop minimum is 10 players.

Come join us!

Due to recent hacker attempts (IE mass suicide hack), we have disabled fall damage for now. We are having air drops and trivia in the next 30 minutes, come join and hang out.

very friendly server, just got the game a couple days ago and was worried about KOS and banditry, while there was some pvp action going on (fighting over some drop i think??) i was met by players who gave me items to start and advice as well admins who answered my questions.

also it seems the server owner is a girl :3 very surprising to hear a non male voice in a game like this (or any other for that matter). anywho thanks for having me

We have completely revamped the server adding, teleport requests, economy, bounty & quest systems. We have airdrops at 10 players (8 players on currently) and are looking to build a PvP arena for great prizes. Come join us!