[US] The Postman: Starter Kits, Pvp, Sleepers, Hope, Economy

Name: [US] The Postman – Noob friendly/Starter Kit/DoorShare/Hope

To connect: In game press “F1” then type: net.connect “”

Tired of seeing “noobs welcome” then getting slaughtered by 8 guys in Kevlar detonating 20 pieces of c4 around your house leveling 10 hours of work in less than 1 minute?
How about seeing “No hacks” then watching people run faster than The Flash, chopping wood faster than Paul Bunyan, and building metal houses faster than John Henry?

We know we were.

Come join The Postman. Created by an admin who had multiple cerebral hemorrhages from dealing with hackers run amok on other servers.

US - West Coast location
Oxide Powered
Starter Kits (Who’s tired of hitting a tree with a rock every time they die?)
Door Sharing
PvP Enabled
Sleepers Enabled
75% Crafting Speed
Admin ticketing system - Problem? Concern? Feeling :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:y? Admin not online? Use our in game ticketing system to contact an admin.
C4/Military grade weapons are on the rarest drop rate only. Ammo is limited.
In game economy system - Buy, sell, become as rich as Kevin Costner!

Come get your piece of paradise scoped out now! Website and forums will be up soon for community and server discussions out of game.