[US] The Union (California) - Brand New! 2/24 |Magma| |Fair Admins| |FullCraft|

I recently made a Rust server with Magma because I was sick and tired of admin abuse. Now, for the hacker problems…Our server is being monitored by CheatPunch and have had ZERO hacker encounters since the install. The only few rules for joining is you require 0 VAC bans, have a “real” Account (More than one game) and there is absolutely zero tolerance for griefing. Hopefully see you soon!
Add us on steam: FoFoJoe, SepticSauce, or TheGimpyNinja
1)How often will you rollback or will you ever?
2)Will there be an economy?
3)Do you encourage helpful neighbors or bandits?
4)How often will airdrops happen? Will there be a needed amount of players for it to be dropped.
5)Is craftable c4 possible?

  1. Rollbacks are uncontrollable but we’re doing our best to work around them, like saving the server world every hour directly to the database and the admins computer.
  2. Not atm, maybe at a later date, the server is still new.
  3. My group may be friends with the admin, but we’re only here to monitor and moderate. We have been helpful 99% of the time and let people build near us and we have protected them from every raid they’ve experienced. So friendliness is encouraged but we still do pvp and raid when threatened.
  4. Airdrops are managed by the auto airdrop feature in magma, and occur when 10+ people are in, every hour.
  5. yes.