[US] TheHive Oxide|Wipe01/28|Economy|MassDrop@8pmPST|NoobFriend


New epic rust server geared towards clan play, fresh and ready for battle. Join now and receive a promotional epic starter kit (resources, mp5, 9mm ammo, building materials)!

Features include:

-Nightly mass airdrop (10 total) at 6pm CST (4pm pst, 8pm est).
-OXIDE! (Bounties, Economy, Kits, Teleport, Removable Building Materials, No Decay)
-Non-abusive Software Engineer admin, with new oxide mods coming soon exclusively to this server (Clan Warfare, Clan Resources, Clan Trading, Clan Alliances, Automatic Events, Modified Recipes, and much more!).
-Zero Tolerance/Bans for Hackers, but in-chat blaming is a kickable offense. All hackers reported via steam in real time and bans made according to evidence.
-Request custom modifications and in-game help via the Ticket system!