[US] Toasted Gaming | 1/2 Craft | Sleepers | PVP | New January 5th, Active Admins

Quick connect
PRESS F1 - net.connect (Brand New January 5th)

Mumble Server Information
port 64758

Server Background

Hello readers, my name is Toasters and I just bought this brand new server due to the fact I was tired of hackers running rampant with no admins in sight, or admins abusing the game, spamming items, giving away items, and just generally abusing their powers.

While playing on this server you should expect:

  1. At least one courteous, professional administrator available to answer any of your questions or concerns (even beginner questions.)
  2. A competitive PVP environment, free from hackers/admin abusers.
  3. Friendly, well-mannered players, toxicity WILL NOT be tolerated.
  4. Good server support, including attempting to deal with these recent string of Rust Server DDoS attacks.


“Toasted Gaming” is but a slightly prideful name right now. There IS a mumble server where an admin will be available for questions / concerns. It currently has limited slots, but with interest, the amount will be upgraded.

A forum is in the works and will be released with enough interest as well. Most community related things will for the most part be made just for contacting admins to report hackers or issues; that is the primary concern.

Come check it out!

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Bump. Up to 11 people, looking for more!

Bump! Hovering around 10 people, would be great to get more.