US troops in Afghanistan

First time posting some of my poses, C&C please.

Looks more like Iraq.

1st one is an Insurgency mod map called ins_sinjar, so the first one is from there but according to Ins mod the second one is from A-stan.

I do appreciate the fact you didn’t tacticlol out the guns.

Let me give you some advices:

1- Do not use Simple DOF. Use Super DOF
2- Make poses more natural
3- Do your graphics max

there is a dire need of good maps to pose on without significant touching up via props and editing

1- It looked better.
2- Difficult.
3- They ARE on max.

You need to render sdof. Without that it actually looks worse then dof. The moment you render it out though, it does smooth blurring. There really isn’t a single place where dof looks better than SDOF. Not mention you have vastly more control with sdof.

SDOF blurred out the wrong things of the screenshot, and rendering made it look like no SDOF or anything used…

then you didn’t use it right

stop making excuses and accept the criticism

why does everyone feel the need to rate bad poses funny? just rate box if you dislike it.

op, i suggest using better camera angles and making the poses look more natural.

Personally I always make the maps I pose on. V:v:V

What map is this on?

First one is from ins_sinjar and the second one is on ins_karkar