US troups moving on a building

Did it for the unedited screenshot contest… so no edit ! :3

Higher resolution

Also, i’m not good at realistic shits, i’m aware they’re not using the proper weapons, they may not even be US troups… :v:

Floating soldier? Dang, these yank’s are invincible.

Very nice.

that is what our soldiers look like.
the army atleast, marines use different camo, same with the airforce and navy

Who the hell keeps rating Bad Spelling my posts ?

^Moving on a building or in a building?

Is any part of this picture from real life? The ceiling lights and the floodlight and the wall board look real.

Awesome picture. Though I don’t the think the second guy would be reloading while moving across an open area.

looks awesome. A little dark at places though

It’s a real nice shot! How did you get the bullet paths without editing btw?

Well, your spelling is horrible. “Troups”, the space between ‘posts’ and ‘?’ and “…rating Bad Spelling my posts ?” etc. Theres a few more errors in your first post aswell.

Fort => nop, that’s just the L4D maps looking awesome
Denmon => turrets
Also, yeah, didn’t notice those spelling mistakes! :frowning:

May I take this for ze thread?
Good editing by the way. But the dead guy is floating.

Of course you can Wystan ! :3

Troups? Troops.

We’ve clarified this allready.