[US][TRUE]Rust - NoSleep/PvP/Events |Active Admins|Limited Crafting




Wiped on: (9 PM EST, January 26th)

Server Settings:

  • InstaCraft
  • Limited Crafting (modern guns minus the 9mm pistol/kevlar disabled in craft)
  • No Sleepers
  • PvP ON
  • Remade Airdrops (the loot).

Running the Oxide server mod using these plugins:

  • List (List of people on the server)
  • PM (Private Messaging)
  • Oxmin (Permissions based admin mod)
  • Groups (Group-based door sharing and chats)
  • DoorShare (/share /unshare)
  • Coordinates (/coords for coordinates, also integrated event commands into it [Will explain later])
  • Chat History (Self-explanitory /history)
    EDIT: Added Economy plugin to the server.
    EDIT: Added Vinegar to allow players to destroy their own structures (pillars/ceiling/foundation ect.)

The server has been around for a while but I have mostly been trying to customize the server to make it unique, which is a difficult task with the amount of servers that are out there. I have currently edited airdrops to drop different things and made kevlar drop from zombies instead of being craftable not only to increase the rarity but also to encourage leaving your house more.
I am hoping that this change will make raiding more fun, more difficult, and more rewarding. I have also lowered the amount of C4 that drops but have not disabled the crafting of it ingame, so I suggest making intricate/difficult bases to prevent raiding.

Kevlar Armor is obtained through airdrops and zombie kills, and the guns are obtainable through the crates in radtown and the new airdrops we have made.

Hope to see ya on the server, don’t expect any handouts from the admins or for us to turn it to daytime all of the time, we are just here to play and keep hackers out. The server recently took a hit on playerbase because of me changing the loot tables, hopefully we can find some like-minded people that did not like the ease of access to kevlar/crafting bolt actions ect. Once the server gets near 50 players I will upgrade to 100.

Any ideas/suggestions for the server can be addressed at www.thechosengamers.com

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two" - postal))

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two. Read the rules here already." - postal))


Economy mod fully set up, and loot tables seem to be pretty good so far after the changes. + bump =)

Teamspeak 3 server created at, server info ingame in the MotD