[US-TX]Netcode Gaming[PVP|Slp|1/4Craft|DoorSharing|RareC4]

Credit to Griffin H. for the banner

Welcome to the** Netcode Gaming **Rust server!

We are a small, tight knit and mature gaming community whose focus is on survival/shooters, but are not limited to. We emphasize in fun and fair play which is the main reason for renting our own Rust server. Over the previous weeks the rampant hackers and griefers have left us shaking our heads in disbelief. By managing our own server we have vowed to control the hackers and griefers as best we can. Admin abuse will not be tolerated in the slightest form.

Server Features:
•1/4 Craft
•Door Sharing
•Limited C4 (C4 is not craftable, it can still be found on zombies and in airdrops)
•Airdrops currently spawn at 10 players (Will be adjusted when we have a higher player count)
•Active and helpful admin with absolutely no abuse.
•Fresh server as of 1/13/14 Hosted in US Central|Dallas, Tx
•Wipes will only occur when needed (We define this as when the server is filled to the brim with 100’s of houses, rest assured you will be made aware when the server will be reset.)

If you are interested in playing on our server stop by and say hello. We are looking to increase our player base and run a top notch Rust server in the process.

To join the server open your console (f1) then copy and paste the line below:

If your able to craft c4, it wont be rare.

It was nice to see all those who joined the server yesterday but we would like to see more!

We have since changed C4, making it unable to be crafted. You can still find them on zombies and in airdrops though.

Stop in and say hello!


We would like to see the server hit a peak of 10 players today. Help make it happen and we will think of something special to do!

The server runs great, Thankful for the somewhat rare c-4 tired of bases getting wrecked constantly.

We have the server up to date with the recent patch, as well as updated Oxide. We have also added death messages to the server saying who and with what weapon you were killed by. Come check it out!