US TX Pvp | 1/3 Craft Time | Sleepers | Honest & fair admins new as of 1/4/14

[US] PVP|Fair Admins|1/3 Craft|Sleeper|1/4/14
First off I’d like to start by saying that the admins in this server are only here to keep out hacks and no abuse of power will take place. Fair admin has been promised to me on many servers that I’ve tried to play on and none have kept their word. I intend to.

Admins will not spawn any item in the game for anyone including themselves.

Fresh server around 10:00 PM pacific 1/6/14. Our server was moved to Kansas location and IP has changed.

F1 to to open console then enter:

No hacking or cheating.
No racism.

*Current Server Features:
Door sharing (coming soon)
Chat history
Explosives, explosive charge blueprints no longer drop. Instead a slightly increased drop rate from zombies and rad zones, and 5 per cargo air drop. This change makes the mentioned areas high risk, high reward pvp zones!
1/3 the normal craft time.
Sleepers are ON
Normal Airdrop occurs at 15 players.
Helpful admin and players will answer questions for new players.
Private messaging
Type /help in chat for list of commands.


bump. Fresh server lookin for more.

got 6 on at the moment. Plenty of places left open.

Good server. Fair admin, fun people.


Bump. Got 4 or 5 regulars showing up, need more for air drops! Fun and fairly fresh server, not too developed.

Good server, only a few days old, so there’s only about 5 people on that I see from time to time. No one is really established yet.

Bump. Upcoming server features should be done by tomorrow.

New server features are up! There was a mess up with the new updates so right now door sharing has been disabled. Server is back up.