PVP- NO SLEEP- 1/2 Crafting Time- Economy- Private Messaging- Groups/Alliances- Rare Weapons- KITS- MORE


Come join a fun Rust server!

Friendly admin… Me… always available for help.

Already have a group that has been playing for a little bit now, so come join the fun!

Currently running the Oxide Mod manager with the following plugins…


Its hard to start with a Rock, and we know that… so why should you have to?!

Chat Commands
Lists all available kits
/kit “kit name”
Gives the caller the specified kit

Current Kits…
Starter Kit- Everything you need to get started
Bang Bang- Gives you a 9mm with a little bit of Ammo
Last Call- Gives you a SUPPLY SIGNAL!!! That lets you call your very own airdrop*


From inside the chat box, simply type…


To see that past 10 or 15 chat messages that have been sent!!

Now, you never need to ask someone to repeat themselves! Its right there!

Grouping SYSTEM!!
Want to be allies with your friends? Want to team up with some other survivors to take some bandits down, or plan a raid??
Now you can!

Players in a group can use:
/gwho - See which group members are online
/g “Message” - Group chat

All Commands:
/gcreate - Create a group
/gdelete - Delete a group
/ginvite Playername - Invite a player to your group
/gcancel - Cancel the Invitation (Sender and Receiver can do it!)
/gaccept - Accept the invitation
/gleave - Leave your current group
/g “Message” - Sends group message
/gwho - Shows online group members
/ghelp - Group help commands

Ever feel like you have TOOOO much wood planks laying around??
Well, now the server has a virtual currency that you can use to buy sell or trade with!!

Right now, everyone starts out with $100.00.
You make money by killing Zombies… Each Zombie will pay you $5

Now you can spend your money on resources to help you in crafting and building!

/money : shows your current balance
/money name send amount : sends amount to name
/price [“item”] : list all prices or displays the price of a specific item
/buy “item” [“amount”] : buy and item (optional amount to buy more than 1 item)


Each time you kill a zombie, you get $5 added to your money!! SWEET!

Door Sharing!!
Have a friend? Want to live in a house together? Much easier to survive when you only have to spend half the resources to build a house… just use /share to share all of your doors with another player!!

**Private messaging… **
Want to send your location to a friend… but dont want bandits to catch on to where your at??
Just type /pm to learn how to send a private message to the person you want, and no one else can see it!

Modded Loot!!
The game has a more long term based loot drop table… Its not very fun when you first start, kill a zombie bam you and everyone else has a fully stocked M4 ready to kill each other…
My server makes things a bit harder to come across… leveling the playing field for everyone… Now having a pistol makes you feel safe…

No Sleep!!
Because who likes to log out, excited about all the resources they gathered that night, only to log in the next day to find you got killed in the middle of the night… Not me…

More to come!!!
The game is constantly changing… new updates are happening ALL THE TIME!!

Come join the relaxed atmosphere of my rust bukit, and have a good time!

See you there!


Add me on steam…

The Exoduss

Also, we have a steam group if you want to keep the server information saved, feel free to join us!

All of the server Plugins and features are posted there, as well as connection info for easy access.

You can post Bugs or issues there as well if I am not online to help you.


Updated Plugin Information!

Come join the fun!

Updated the Economy!

Each time you kill a zombie earns you $5!

That means now you have a way to earn money!

Added the Chat History Plugin!

/history to show past chat messages.

Dont forget to join us on Steam!

User: The Exoduss

Added Starting Kits!

Get everything you need to start the game, a gun, and your own Supply Signal!!

Also, added economy resource buying!!

This is a great server. No admin abuse, runs smooth.

Updates have been made, Server is back up!