Server Browser Name: [US]TyrannicGaming.net PVP/Sleep
Connection IP: ustx90.playrust.eu:28010
Location: Texas, USA
Maximum Player Slots: 250
Description: Nub-friendly, but this is NOT a carebear server.

Ease of Access:
Find [US]TyrannicGaming.net PVP/Sleep in the Community server tab. Alternatively, you can open the console (F1) and type net.connect ustx90.playrust.eu:28010

No Admin Abuse:
We hate it when admins ruin the game, too. I bought the game so that I could have fun, just like you. None of our admins use their powers for much of anything other than the Status function. :stuck_out_tongue: We don’t spawn anything for ourselves or for anyone else. We don’t use god mode, we don’t teleport, we don’t anything. Period. The only time we use admin powers is to clean the server of hackers or extremely intensively vulgar players. Thankfully, we haven’t had to do either.

Contact Methods:
You can find our admins on Steam as UnarmedToast and Hemp190( We are also the Owners)

Server Updates:
We only ever bring the server down for Steam updates, of course, but we haven’t yet wiped the server. We don’t wipe nearly as often as other communities, so feel free to come here and make yourself at home. If there is to be a wipe, you’ll be notified in advance. It would have to be some kind of very significant game update that breaks current functionality or something for us to consider wiping.

The short of it? The Tyrannicgaming Team is looking for more players to join our server! We have about 20 regulars on a 250 slot server, so we have plenty of room for YOU and your friends. Bring them all! No fighting over places to build, no fighting over resources, and only very little naked killing (come on, have some fun).


You can buy items from this server http://www.tyrannicgaming.net/page/rust don’t play here. Who knows what else goes on.

What? Ya you can donate and gain items that are not much besides a builder kit for metal foundations…
Sorry I didnt realize a stone hatchet and some resources for 2 bucks is a big deal. Shitposting is not the way to go about it. Why not log onto the server instead of being a disinfo fuck on the forums

You clearly don’t know what you have for sale on your own server. fail.

I know exactly what I have and im constantly changing it so its as fair as possible. The biggest thing ont he list is the 12 dollar pvp kit. u get only 2 pieces of kevlar and a shotgun. Its not game breaking at all, And noone has ever donated for it. I have contemplated removing any weapons to the list for players who dont enjoy it but so far my biggest donations is to explorer’s and builder’s. We are noob friendly and the rules for the server are no Spawn killing, No door trapping, Raiding must be valid (i.e fully geared guy shows up and all u got is a wood shelter with no clothes on etc.) Im ont he server regularly and help all players and i am super friendly. basing everything off the fact that i have donations to keep my server up instead of, you know, PLAYING on it is disinfo and shitposting at the most. Though you have your opinion, try it before you buy it as they say

Donations are fine. But giving people gear in return is retarded, what’s the point of the game if you just hand out gear? I wouldn’t touch your server with a ten foot pole.

2 kevlar pieces is not something huge man… But to each there own take care

Yeah… 2 kevlar isn’t a big deal… It’s only the best armor in the game. That’s like saying M4 isn’t a big deal.

Well, thank you for your input ill make sure to look into what donations are acceptable

It’s pay-to-win bullshit, I would recommend not doing that.