[US]TyrannicGaming.net PVP/Sleeper 250 Slots! Low Population, No Admins, Fun times!

Hi Guys, Just letting everyone know TyrannicGaming.net is proud to present our 250 slot Rust server PVP/Sleeper!

No admins only myself, the Owner

Noob Friendly, Low Population, and more!

To connect look under community for: [US]TyrannicGaming.net PVP/SLEEP


Press f1 and spam this into your Console: net.connect ustx90.playrust.eu:28010

Any questions please contact me! or any staff @


This server is great. I play on it everyday and everyone is nice. No admins abuse.

                                                                       Come join its a great server and nice staff

Been playing on this server since release it’s good, friendly people very helpful

**Great Server! The people in the community are very helpful. I have been on the teamspeak a few times. Everyone was nice. **

Amazing Server! The server has a lot of people that can make it really fun and really nice people to base with.

Love this server! Was playing for a good couple of hours yesterday and just started making a base when a guy walked by and gave me some food.

  • friendly server
  • moderate population
  • lots of resources

I’ll check it out shortly, thanks for providing it.

If I like what I see, myself a two others might make it our permanent Rust home.

This server is always up.