(US) [VG] Rust Server |Vanilla|Sleepers|No Restrictions|Active Staff|No-WIPE|

Multiplay Vengeance Gaming RUST Server #1

Press F1 and type:

Net Connect:

Link to Public Multiplay Page: https://clanforge.multiplay.co.uk/servers/2490767/view

Server Location: Florida (US)

Server Features:

-No Mods (Vanilla)
-PvP (No Restrictions)
-Max Slots 50
-No Wipe (Unless Required)
-New Player Friendly
-Zero-tolerance Policy Against Hacking/Cheating
-Active Admins (no abuse)

We’re a medium sized community based in garrysmod that decided to finally set up a rust server because we were tired of the abusive admins and hackers on all the servers we played on. This server allows us to run a hack and abuse free game and remove all the restrictions that some servers have on PvP.

Come play with us!

such server

many fun

Good server. Although it may seem as if I posted just as a second-hand bump, I was actually playing on it earlier and stumbled upon the thread. Aren’t very many people, so a bigger population would be great…

Please join. I’m getting lonely.

Come play with us!

Friendly bump ‘n’ hump.

swag server must play many wow many kill much rp bump bump

Good Afternoon! Come play with us!

Daily bump… please check it out.

We had 10 people on last night!

Yep… more? ;d

Morning bump.

Please check it out guys.

G’Day mates :slight_smile: