[US] Vince's Rust++ 1.5 |9mm Kit - Insta-Craft - PvP - No Sleepers - Airdrops Daily| WIPED 1-26-14!

Come play!

if you put the ip is better easy to find ::wink:

HAHA…Good call.




Hi vince. Was playing on your server today , im libertyordeath776. A guy named rasputin logged in the server and about 1 min later tped into my house , I asked him what he was doing there and he said he was on to mess with you. He said he had admin rights.
Well I cant log into your server now for some reason? Trying to find out whats up. Your server is one of my favorite ones right now.

Rasputin is an admin, and I will take care of that problem, he should not be teleporting into people’s houses.

The server was down temporarily due to updates.