US-W Krazed Asylum Wiped3/13|PvP|No.Dura|Remove|Econ|.25Craft|


1 x Supply Signal

Who dares to step in the Krazed Asylum!?!? Join Rust players from all over the world to fight for supremacy.
Who will come out on top?

For those of you who want to join NOW, here’s the IP

Don’t know how to join our server?

  1. Launch Rust
  2. Press F1
  3. Copy and Paste this: net.connect
  4. Press enter, and be ready to fight!

Wiped 3/17
Server Features

  • Lots of Airdrops
  • Bounty
  • No Durability
  • 1/4 Craft
  • Report / Ticket system to report any problems
  • Economy
  • Remove Tool
  • Voter Mod to reward players for voting
  • Kits
  • Stats
  • Sleepers
  • Share Doors
  • TPA
  • Remote Doors (Open/Close all doors that you own remotely)
  • Active Admins
  • Absolutely NO admin abuse
  • NO wipes until neccessary

added a few more plugins. hope people enjoy them!

Next 10 people to join will receive a gift to get yourself started on the server! Just mention “LOL”

Going to set airdrops to 5 people for the next few hours, come in and have some fun!

next 5 people to join, gets a free supply signal to get you started! bring in your friends, and I award you some planks as well!

come on in, airdrop set at 5 people, currently 2 on atm. next few people to join will be awarded some planks and air drop to get you started!

just wiped! come on in and get a fresh start! Will reward some planks to get you started! come play now!

have a few people on right now, come play! I will award you some planks to get started. Bring in three or more people and I will award you guys with an air drop as well.

join and come play! server is still growing.

next 10 people to join will receive some planks to get you started in the server!

join the server! people are fighting for mass air drops! I will award the next 10 people to join with planks to help you get started in the server!

join now, get a free supply signal!

any group out there that can challenge these band of KoSers? come now!

mass air drops soon. come get yours!