US WAS DC- Running new update

I wiped the server 2 days ago, still have a few people playing(even right now)
I don’t play on it very much but do log in to chat and see how things are doing and add people, this way there is no doubt about the no abuse policy as I have seen admins with the “no abuse” tag running around half invisible and what not, with the new airdrop system in the update(everyday at noon!) I have turned it off for a few days to let new people build up.

It’s a pvp server but no one has raided yet(to early?) And I keep some of the players on my friends list encase of hackers. I log in daily and build my small base a few hours a day to check if things are going well.

Sleepers are on, and I am running no mods or .5 crafting but will be more open to changing the server when more people are logged in together.

TLDR: 2 day old server with 6 current players running new update with semi active admin looking for more players.

Nice to see some new players, airdrops have started.