[US]WEINERBEEZ|Wiped 2/22|Oxide|Economy|Bountys|Remover|InstaCraft

**Fairly new Rust Server hosted by fpsplayers.com
Looking for a safe, fun and dependable server to play on? The come visit us!! (IP address below)

[US]WEINERBEEZ|Wiped 2/22|Oxide|Economy|Bountys|Remover|

No Admin Abuse- 24/7 Active Admins
Absolutely no tollerance for Hackers/Cheaters
Group of honest/friendly players and admins


I’ve spent about 30 minutes on the server just now, and I think I found a new home! I’m semi new to the game and the lower population helps me figure things out and not worry about getting killed at spawn. No one seems to have anything too advanced, havn’t seen m4s or c4 yet. Everyone is super cool, admin and other players seem like people I’d actually enjoy talking to. Most certainly reccomend this server to all players. Add me on steam so we could play on this server, I need friends. Steam ID- Bear Grylls