[US West]1/23/2014 SCE Server 200Slot/DoorShare/PVP/Sleeper/.25Craft/NoCraftC4/Active Admins

Hey Everyone,

Over at http://www.ShadowCompanyElite.com we have set up a 200 slot server for Rust.

Server =

The server was created on January 23 and was the first day that many of us had played the game, so newcomers and veterans are welcome.

We have set up the server with the following options, but are willing to listen to ideas that our community might have.
1/4 Craft
No Crafting C4, low drop from crates and zombies as well as possible in airdrops
Door Share
Customized Loot Tables

We have not reduced the number of military weapons available on the server as we want there to be a healthy amount of PvP, but we have made C4 scarce so that you can feel that your home is reasonably safe. The game is not fun if your stash is constantly looted making you too scared to take your “good” gear out for some firefights. That being said, there are still plenty of opportunities to get C4.

We hope to see you in game.

Yeah I will be back, had some fun with you guys today and the admin was pretty chill.

We are currently building an arena and will be holding gladiator tournaments with prizes.