!#[US West] 50% Craft 24/7 PVP

Hey everyone!

I have a small group of friends (around 4 of us) and we are mainly looking for some more friendly competition on our server. Currently there are approximately 3 other frequent groups, but we could use some more! Yesterday we peaked at 18 users and there was a lot of action and raiding.


On our server crafting takes half the time and we are very newbie friendly. The admins will answer any questions you have and as for my group we do not shoot nakeds on sight but I have been killed as a naked person a few times. Our only rule is if you are going to contest an airdrop you should expect to be shot at.

Anyways, if you see murkin or I on give us a holler, one of us will usually be on so if you notice any suspicious activity don’t hesitate to drop us a line! Murkin also streams gameplay with a slight delay;


We are a competitive bunch but we are not griefers nor do we whine if we lose a gunfight.