!#[US WEST] 50% Craft | PVP 24/7

Server: [US West] mX & Friends, Oxide,StarterKit,DoorShare
Server Info: net.connect
Location: US West (LA)
Description: New PvP server that invites you to come and hangout. We encourage other group of players or clans to come and establish themselves for some epic battles. We also like to consider us a noob friendly server too. So beginners who have a lot of questions feel free to check us out and do not hesitate to ask questions.

Of coarse I know this is a concern with players. Our admins (murkin & Bishop) follow a strict code of integrity. That includes no spawning charges/ammo/guns/building material etc… Our admin use is reserved only for preventing abuse of the game and hackers.

Server Updates

Server Accomplishments

Server Forums: http://xmteam.com/forums
Watch at: twitch.tv/murk1n

Great server for players looking to get started.

Btw wanted to welcome the new players that did show up today. :slight_smile: A lot of fun.

Couple of updates.

  • Server Wipe / This should be the last for for awhile.
  • Public Mumble setup

IP has been updated to:

December 19th - Server IP changed to

Come on down! Server wiped for new patch.

Hope to see some of you back tonight. Come hang-out on our Twitch channel and make sure to bring some beer.

Still looking for teams and players to join. :slight_smile:

Please give credit to your skull icon. PedroD created that skull. Reversed Image searched on tinEYE

Indeed, thanks proxywars

Plan to be doing a xmas eve server event later tonight.

Just wanted to say Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from the server admins.

Created map to show the influence of squads on relation to map.

Server has been updated.

Server is currently up and running atm.

Patched and updated

Once again the server has been updated and was wiped on 29.12.2013. Also will be updating the squad map once the squads have settled in.

The server has been updated and is ready for play. Have been playing on it for about an hour with no lag. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Just a friendly reminder. We’re still going and looking for new and seasoned players who maybe looking for a new server.