*US West* 8Hr Noob Protection an NoC4Craft

***Update: The 8Hr Noob protection had become an issue and has been decreased to 3 Hrs.
Server connection info: net.connect

Server was made to be a safe haven for players that have had problems with abusive admins. Each current admin has had to deal with bad admins and they know how unfun it is to play on those servers. There are only 3 admins currently, because we are a fairly small community, but we want to grow. If you want a place to play with people who understand how to be an admin and have fun then this is the place for you.

-There is an 3 Hour noob protection on this server. When people start fresh they have 3 hour protection or until they kill another player or destroy something that isn’t theirs.
-Server has default loot spawns.
-2 air drops per day as long as there are at least 2 players on the server.
-Explosive Charge is currently uncraftable, but is obtained through loot chests, Animal drops, and air drops.
-Uncraftable military-grade weapons. Except the 9mm and the P250. Kevlar, M4, MP5, and Shotgun still drop in appropriate locations.
-Fair Admins that only take action when someone is stuck, hacking, or excessively harassing others verbally. They encourage PvP.
-Grass automatically turned off.

Key Mods:
Oxide and Oxide Plug-ins.
/arena_join : We have gun game and death-match available and do community events to have some fun every now and again
/money : You collect money from things you sell or kill and can buy items in the game. Paper is a staple to the economy. It is as good as gold.
/fps : Presets your graphics/the environment to a minimal setting to increase fps.
/where : Tells you what zone you are in, which direction you are facing, and gives coordinates so you can find your friends.
/time : Tells you the current in-game time.
/kit : There are two different kits to help new players get started with limited uses. They reset every 24 hours.
/help : Tells you what other mods we may have.


still looking for new players