US West Active Admins PVP!

Title says it all got a new server up guys for rust the title of the page is the server name in game.

150 man server, been up about 3 days now.

Things to follow once server is more populated.

Active Admins-
No admin on the server will abuse their power, Admins will regulate air drops, people who claim air drops and get supply signals will have their own option of doing air drops other than that airdrops will be done on a timed basis by admins. Admins will also set up random loot boxes with loot in them on the map, these loot items will have basic items but rarely have higher grade gear or mats.

Safe Zones- We will be building certain locations with safe zones for people to actively go and trade other people in the game for materials. If people are caught griefing or killing other players in this safe zone they will be killed lose their items on first offense second offense is a instant banned from the server.

Server wipes- the server will not be wiped and will be open 24/hours, this is to help with economy prices and natural gameplay in the server.

Events- Events will be actively held and players will win items in bulk depending on how the event is layed out.

Sleepers- Sleep mode will be turned off due to griefers to not grief players that are offline from game.

connection info through console


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My console doesn’t connect me. It just green texts the ip nothing else