[US-WEST] Baby's Blood Grove (Oxide Doorshare | Sleeper | Halfcraft | PVP | Active Admins | No Abuse) Wiped Jan 12 2014

Hey all,

We have a new wiped server with Oxide to give everyone a fresh start. We had ~50 players before the wipe/server change but downtime + the wipe on January 12 made us lose quite a bit so we are trying to rebuild :slight_smile:

You can join us at the following ip :

The server has door sharing, sleepers, pvp and half crafting time. We have active admins who ONLY exist to ban hackers. Our standing record before the patch was 52 confirmed hackers banned in 1 night :slight_smile:

We have a steam group for the server so you can always reach an admin http://steamcommunity.com/groups/babysquadrust.

We hope many of you will join us!

great server!!