[US-West] Brand New and Exciting PVP Server: TheWarriors[Instacraft/NoAbuse/PvP/Sleepers]

Looking for a genuinely fun PvP experience for you and your friends? Tired of admin abuse, unnecessary wipes and immature, childish players? Then join The Warriors, a fast-growing PVP server based out of L.A. We aim to make this server a true war-zone - full of factions, raiding, territorial battles, and all that other fun, violent stuff! As of now we are sparsely populated but we are growing fast, so join now if you and your friends want to stake a claim to some territory and resources!

About the Server
Location: Los Angeles (US-West)
Slots: 200
Server Name: TheWarriors[Instacraft/NoAbuse/PvP/Sleepers]
**Server IP: **
(Note: To directly connect to the server, hit F1 ingame and type the following: net.connect “”. Be sure to include the quotation marks or it won’t work.)

**Professional, active and non-abusive admins: ** The admins do not take sides, don’t give handouts and don’t unfairly balance the game for any one player or faction. We’re here to make sure the game is as fun and exciting as possible. However, we do ban hackers and cheaters.

**Instacraft: ** No sitting around and waiting for things to build – let’s get straight to the PvP!

**Newbie Friendly: ** We welcome all new players and the admins will gladly assist you in getting started so that you can join in the PVP fun as soon as possible. Grouping up or bringing your group into the server is highly encouraged!

**Persistent Server: ** We only wipe when absolutely necessary (i.e. game patches) and no other reason. No need to worry about your hard work being taken away unless it’s required for the game to work.

**Community Atmosphere: ** As the server grows, events like arena battles will be planned to add to the fun!

So what are you waiting for? Log in now and and vie for control of the wasteland in the never-ending anarchy and warfare that is Rust!

really good server , join guys alot pvp, and cool ppl.
im enjoy alot, and laugh from pvp.
respectful server too.
hope see u guys around

Awesome Server just started out!

Hey There,
^^^ these 2 are the admins friends, currently enjoying his use of admin powers

first 10 minutes admin ports to me, has god mode on. suicided to get away and told him to leave me alone. then i found a house and they shot at me so i walled up their house. admin hatcheted walls down. i laughed at him and was banned. see how far ur server goes just kicking a member of a group of 5 people. servers die bud
admin abuse

Actually i’m not a admin, I am a regular player. Also you were grieving everyone’s bases so people couldn’t get in or out of their bases. There for you were banned. Also the admin tried giving you stuff to start out with but obviously you didn’t want anything.

admin and his friends gonna be the only ones left
learn to build ur huts, “na just use admin hatchet”
lol enjoy playing by urselves

admin also threatened ban just for goofing in chat

What actually happened:

Admin welcomes new player (Diddles), asks new player if he is brand new to the game and would like some assistance learning how to get set up in order to help the server grow. New player says he is indeed brand new and would like assistance. Admin teleports to new player to assist him, gets attacked. New player then suicides, chastises admin for trying to give him a “pity handout” (despite admin merely offering to teach him how to play), and asks how long admin’s dick is among many other inappropriate and rude remarks. Admin still decides to let new player play despite rampant trolling and immaturity. New player decides that rather than have fun gunfights and raid houses he would like to grief instead of PvP and exploits an over-abused and likely-to-be-fixed game mechanic by walling up other player’s houses. In the interest of everyone’s playing experience not being immediately ruined by said exploit, admin opens up walls to allow players to continue playing. New player begins insulting admin and resumes rampant trolling. Entire server community decides new player is not playing well with others. Admin kicks new player.

exploit? learn to house lol. ramp OP? u will learn the game admin enjoy ur “community” of 2 buddies

Great server to play on. Nice, friendly atmosphere and i would recommend this server to anyone looking to have a good time in rust.