US West (California) WIPED 3/14 - Magma - Half Craft - Removal Tool

Tired of playing on servers with admins who spawn themselves items? Tired of playing on servers where there are never admins online? Tired of the usual bullshit that happens on most rust servers? Look no further. US-West Half Craft is here.

-ZERO tolerance for hackers
-No admin spawned air drops (they will only happen when there’s 20 or more online)
-Fresh Wipe 3/14 (no regular wipes, next wipe will be 1 May 2014)
-Removal Tool plugin has been enabled (use /destroy ingame and then hit the object you wish to remove)
-Half Craft
-Door Share
-Helpful admins (if you need to know where something is or how to get an item, ask in chat!)

Copy and paste -> net.connect <- in the f1 menu to connect

Hope to see you all ingame!